Regardless of your age (8-65) and status (married or single) you are eligible to participate in the biggest family friendly and positive pageant in the world.

Our Uniqueness

Why We are Different From Every Other Pageants

During times of hardship and test, family is our refuge. Although we may have disagreements, nothing can beat the bond that binds us together.

Love is the oil that helps ease tensions and cements the family unit. The truth is that our instinct is not for survival but for family.

What's in it for you

Adequate Trainings

Through this program, participants will receive world-class training in preparation for the competition during as well as after the pageant.


Winners will be mentored by our seasoned consultants on how to sustain a career as a beauty royalty.

Global Certification

Participants gets an internationally recognized certificates

Access to Business Grants

Winners have a chance to access business grants to set up, grow and scale up a business.

Travel Opportunities & Fun Trips

Winners stand the chance of enjoying travel trips, networking and amazing experiences.


Our winners have a chance to win scholarship opportunities to help them actualize their academic dreams.


Winners stand a chance to become beauty royal ambassadors at various degrees

Royal Cabinet Membership

You become a member of the Pageant Royal Cabinet and Enjoy other privileges

A Royal Message From Her Majesty

As a family pageant, The IFP have Integrated family fun, games, educational and entertainment activities making the pageantry an all-family affairs leaving no one behind; introducing age group contests for both male and female adults, kids and teens. 


Our mission is to project positive beauty pageantry, healthy competition, good morals, decency, discipline, leadership, restoring family values that should improve the quality of life and ensure the growth of societies with categories that make up a family unit ( Mrs ,Mr, Miss, Ms, Miss Teen, Mr Teen, Little Miss, Little Mr, and Senior Citizens categories)

Her Majesty, Queen Amb. Hadassah Ibinyingi Allaputa
(Founder, International Family Pageant
Head of Royal Diplomats)

IFP Season 1 in Pictures

Why We Are Different


All contestants have equal grounds to compete


We are transparent in our selection process.


It’s a Non bikini Pageant

Gender Friendliness

Regardless of age, sex (male/female), and status, every one within the specified ages can participate.

Reputable Organization

IFP is managed by a team of professionals and reputable individuals and organizations.


Our winners are crowned based on merit, passion, hard work and humanitarian service.

Watch The Season 1 Pageant Experience

Check out our winners Prizes


Frequently Asked Questions

If you fall under the approved 10 categories (Mr.|Mrs.|Miss|Ms|Miss Teen|Mr Teen|Little Miss/Mr|and | Senior Citizens (male & female)) meeting the age criteria (from 8 years to 65 years), you are eligible to apply.

Every child entering for any of the categories requiring identities shall produce the IDs of his/her parents/guardian.

Until a contestant gets to the final selection stage, every engagement and activities are done virtually or online

The International Family Pageant focuses on promoting family values, vision, passion and natural beauty. So, everyone and anyone can apply because everyone is beautiful.

The term family pageant indicates that every member of a family are included but not family by family. So you can apply in any category of your choice to become a member of the Pageant Royal Family.

As usual with all pageant organizations, There are statutory fees  payable at various stages of the contest. For the selected runner-ups or finalist (the 81 finalist to come to camp) A camp fee to cover the cost of accommodation, feeding and other camp activities will be required. All fees and payment made by contestants are non-refundable.

Our Partners

How to Register

Step 1

Click on any of the registration button to register for your preferred category.

Step 2

Click on the add to cart, view cart and then proceed to checkout

Step 3

Fill in your details and make payment using any of the available payment options after which you will get an email with your code.

Step 4

Using your contestant code, you can join the contestant group for further engagement in the competition.

Nigerians: Obtain a form for N5000.00 (individual) and N10,000 (Family) Non-Nigerians: Obtain a form for $5.00 (Individual) and $10.00 (Family)

61 thoughts on “International Family Pageant”

    1. Am Excited about the Institution Public Interest trust Notice.Am an Internationally Accredited Humanitarian Ambassador in the Group C Contestants.In December 2022.Dr.Anthony Obo-claudius Ogosu, Nigerian Youths Volunteers.Actively accepted and Confirm Humanitarian Ambassador, Actively Volunteering International in Achieving SDG4-Quality Education with the Institution.Fill better More to further Development with African Union 2063Agenda, Which this is best Opportunity Now.Thank You.

    2. Thanks to all the great minds that could think towards this initiative. This will bust self confidence in many including the PWDs. Kudos

  1. I am too joyful to be part of this amazing program believing to be the best among the contestants.

  2. This is a good idea for the to make thing deferent especially here in Nigeria. I really love it

    1. God is good to Nigeria

      I can’t believe that is can still happen In Nigeria , until I saw this good ideas to make things easier during this hardship in this country

  3. I most said it a remarkable program, that will innovate and educate the youth, preparing them as tomorrow leader with a lot of potential and quality.

  4. This is a welcome development for the family and society of African at large.
    I do hope it’s will be fair in all ramification.

  5. Glad to be part of this great initiative of changing the narrative of family and society to becoming better.

  6. I am so delighted to have be part of this
    great Noble pageant that is wide and educative and stand as opportunity for all.

  7. Family is everything, and this is one of its kind. Kudos to the organizers for remembering families. This will strengthen the bond and unity in the family.

  8. I am so delighted to be part of this International Family Pageant. Kudos to the organizers for putting up this program

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